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Data-oriented. True cloud agility.
Simple to manage.

Harnessing the power of your data requires storage solutions,

  • reduce infrastructure complexity,
  • are easy to deploy and manage,
  • centrally controllable,
  • quickly expandable,
  • allow seamless data mobility from core, edge to cloud,
  • guarantee availability for apps and data and
  • provide 360° degrees of security

Our answer to your challenges? The newly introduced Disc Storage HPE Alletra.

Top 3 reasons why you should bet on HPE Alletra

Maximum cloud agility. Overcome complexity of traditional hybrid cloud environments with HPE Alletra. First-class data utilisation across all clouds and operational and usage experiences are guaranteed.


Powerful execution of any application. Meet all SLAs with the right performance, resilience and efficiency. For traditional as well as modern applications. Want to scale storage capacity in parallel? Nothing could be easier.


Simple management. Extensive portfolio of pre-configured services. Setup and manage your entire infrastructure via the SaaS platform called Data Services Cloud Console. You can implement extensions quickly and easily with the technically validated services.

HPE Data Services Cloud Console

Maybe soon your central place for IT infrastructure management?

HPE Alletra Storage can be deployed in minutes via this cloud-native platform. At the centre of it all, the Data Services Cloud Console orchestrates your entire infrastructure. Including data workflows and from core, edge to across all clouds. Other benefits you are assured of:

  • Deployment in minutes – wire up, switch on and go! Automatic detection and activation of new data infrastructures.
  • AI-driven, intent-based storage provisioning – Real-time contextualisation of resource utilisation and application-specific SLAs to identify where data is being stored.
  • Automation on a grand scale – with fully programmable universal application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • Location-independent management
  • Upgrades in the background.

Product description

HPE Alletra 6000
  • Capacity: < 368 TB
  • Drive: NVMe SSDs
  • Max. drives\ enclosure 24
  • Hosting interface: Fibre Channel
  • Up to 1 MIO IOPs
  • 99,999% availability
  • Multi-dimensionally and interruption-free scalable
  • Ideal for databases, test/development, VM farms, container farms
HPE Alletra 9000
  • Capacity:< 1966 TiB, data compression ratio 4:1
  • Max. Drives/ Enclosures 24
  • Up to 2.1 MIO IOPs per 55 GB/S
  • 100% availability
  • Outstanding power density in 4 U
  • All-active architecture with multiple nodes
  • Ideal for large databases, large containers and comprehensive consolidations

Back-up as a Service with Veeam

Containerised applications are steadily increasing. This is mainly due to the ease of deployment for a wide range of environments. Whether for local desktops, virtual and physical servers, development, test and production environments of private and public clouds.

With Veeam, you can get HPE Alletra a

  • End-to-end protection for hybrid environments
  • Disaster recovery and restoration
  • Replication of the environment for migrations or dev environments and many more!

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