Visionary IT,
starts with innovative delivery models

The public cloud has set standards that are exceeded locally only by the edge-to-cloud platform called HPE GreenLake.

You are looking for an IT delivery model where you can

  • only pay for what you consume.
  • End over-provisioning.
  • Scale in minutes, rather than months.
  • Easily implement data sovereignty and compliance guidelines on-premises.
  • Get new applications up and running quickly.
  • Always have the IT resources you need available.
  • Manage multiple locations centrally.

Our answer to your challenges? HPE GreenLake – the innovative „as a Service“ delivery model.

Top-3 reasons why you should choose HPE GreenLake

HPE GreenLake brings the best of the cloud to your on-premises infrastructure. With this IT deployment, you secure access to a comprehensive portfolio for workloads or hardware. Buffer capacity ensures you always have the capacity you need during seasonal peaks.


Your IT modernization costs are divided over the contract term
(3 or 5 years). Billing occurs according to TB consumption – transparent, consumption-oriented and financially plannable. On-Top: we take responsibility for maintenance, and you concentrate on your core business.


Get started in less than 2 weeks!
Your super bonus: Our experts install the required hardware on site. If you wish, your existing HPE hardware can be included in the service contract. We then buy them out at book value.

How to get started with HPE GreenLake

Master your transition to the „IT as a Service“ delivery model in 4 steps!
We would be happy to support you so that you can look to your digital future with confidence.
First of all: This deployment model is particularly suitable for companies that are growing and want to provide hardware „not in stock“.

  • Step 1: concept including checklist. Identification of the status quo (workload distribution based on storage locations, cost distribution, risk and performance assessment)
  • Step 2: Scenario development for capacity management. What server, storage and network resources do you currently need? Which ones in the future? Are there seasonal power peaks?
  • Step 3: Cost planning based on degree of use and monetization. What do scaling ambitions cost? How does this affect cash flow? To what extent are buffer capacities provided?
  • Step 4: Exploring the operating model. How to increase productivity? How Downtime Reduced? Where can AI make IT management more effective?

Incidentally, with HPE GreenLake Central, the central dashboard, you have an overview of your entire infrastructure! This applies to your local infrastructure as well as to all your clouds. Read more about mastering your IT administration with HPE GreenLake Central.


Service portfolio

Act cost-effectively and flexibly: use the as-a-service offer today and make future scenarios come true!

  • Compute – reliable fulfilment of general requirements
  • Container – high scalability and lightning-fast access to important data
  • Protection – meeting high safety standards
  • Database – easy scalability
  • Managed IT – responsibility and provision of your IT by experts
  • Machine Learning and Analytics – Advantages of AI in everyday life
  • Virtualisation – location-independent use of resources

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